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Long Term Care Protection

Specialists in Health Insurance Services has been providing expert advice regarding Long Term Care protection options since it first became available.  We are not only top producers of Long Term Care Plans, we have also served as consultants to long term care companies.
“The Brookings Institute estimates that the average 65 year old has a 20 percent chance of having NO long-term care expenses in a nursing home or at home during their lifetime.”

The Remaining 80% Can Expect to
Have Long-Term Care Expenses!

With those odds, choosing Long-Term Care protection is a major decision and you certainly can use some expert information that is accurate and timely.

We’re sure your kids tell you they’ll take care of you when you get older and they mean it. Unfortunately if you ever have a serious accident, suffer from a disease such as Alzheimer’s or simply need helping doing everyday things like dressing and bathing, they will quickly find they they are unprepared for the rigors of what can easily amount to round-the-clock care. Most people have their hands full just taking care of their immediate families. When you have long term care protection, if these things ever happen to you, the insurance company pays you a daily or monthly amount allowing you to receive home health care, or pays for the costs of assisted living or nursing home care.

Plans include home healthcare, nursing home care, adult day care, assisted living, respite care and hospice care. Some plans will even pay for a friend or spouse to care for you. Let us show you how affordable a long term care plan can be. Needless to say, with nursing home costs currently averaging over $68,000 per year and home health care close behind, its easy to see why people without long term care protection can spend all their savings and sell their homes to pay for care expenses as they get older.

We are happy to provide you with expert information. By answering a few quick questions we can also provide you with a quote for Long Term Care Coverage that will give you benefits and rates as they apply specifically to you and your family. Don’t wait until a health problem makes YOU uninsurable.