"Have questions about health care reform? Call us today and we will answer all of your questions for free. You don't even have to buy from us."

About Us

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  • Over 125 years of combined experience among our 8 in-house advisors
  • As our name implies, we specialize in health insurance – since 1966
  • We simplify the comparison of health plan options, making it easier for you to make an informed plan selection
  • Our easy-to-understand comparative analysis of your plan choices will allow you to determine your most cost-effective solution to your coverage and budget needs
  • We represent ALL the major health plans and health insurance carriers and assist Medicare eligible individuals with their Medicare Supplement options


We know that most people have questions about some aspect of health care; whether about individual and family health insurance, group insurance, temporary insurance, long term care protection, Medicare supplements or travel insurance. We welcome you to contact us with your questions. Our friendly, helpful and courteous staff are available to help you at any time with your health insurance questions during normal business hours.

GPC Financial Services, LLC is the investment division of our company that specializes in the preservation of your nest egg while earning returns that exceed inflation as well as paying the minimum amount of taxes required by law. GPC serves a select group of clients with well thought out strategies designed to minimize or eliminate losses, capture gains and establish retirement plans you can count on. You may reach GPC Financial Services 925-256-0434.